Does the alloy jewelry fade and how to maintain it?


Alloy jewelry it is not real gold jewelry fade sooner or later that is a certain. The key lies in the length of time this fade, the main will fade or electroplating on the surface. If it is ordinary plating and improper maintenance can wear for a month is a problem. Jewelry processing is using four layers of environmental protection plating wear more comfortable and appropriate maintenance of color for more than a year is bright color.

How to maintain jewelry?

  • First, timely cleaning and preservation of alloy jewelry temporarily do not wear, be sure to timely cleaning and preservation. Some people wore how many years also never clean, as a result dirt smeary accumulate in each corner of the first adorn article rise, affected its glorious badly. In fact, cleaning jewelry is not difficult. In a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of neutral dishwashing liquid. After the dirt is removed, the jewelry is rinsed in another bowl of clear water and then dried in a ventilated place, allowing the jewelry to return to its shiny natural state. For necklaces, earrings, Alloy Necklaces, etc. If there is no alloy jewelry box, use a clean soft cloth to wrap it and keep it. Be careful not to put multiple pieces of jewelry in the same box together or wrap them in a piece of soft cloth to avoid wear and tear.
  • Second, often check, often just rely on the small claw of a few gold and silver to fix it, not very firm, even if be to use the way that the bag sets, also want to check its firm degree often, discover a problem to be dealt with in time.
  • Third, when it is not necessary to wear jewelry, remove it in time and keep it well. If participate in production labor (field or factory workshop), sports activities, bath, shampoo, housework (wash clothes, wash dishes, chopsticks and other tableware, cleaning, etc.), should take off the alloy jewelry, jewelry damage (impact,wear,or by detergent chemical erosion).
  • Fourth, avoid high temperature and acid, alkali solution contact many of the gemstones embedded in the alloy jewelry, by high temperature or long time in the sun exposure, easy to make it fade; Some with acid, alkali solution contact also can cause fade, suffer erosion even and dissolve.

Finally, wish our these methods can help you,if you have some other idea,welcome leave a message.